20th February 2018

Switch onto Proximity Sensor Technology

With UK homes becoming ever more smart and intuitive, increasingly advanced technologies are fast developing into a staple part of our household fixtures. From app activated heating to intelligent ovens and robot vacuums, homeowners expect more from the items they use every day, and the bathroom is no exception. Proximity sensor technology in itself is nothing new, and is central to the touch screens that many of us use daily. However, it is only recently that these sensors have begun to make a splash in the domestic bathroom market. Sensor taps and light switches, long the preserve of hospitality premises, are moving into our bathrooms, and as a result, consumers are looking for that technology in bigger ticket items too. Mirrors and cabinets can make the greatest difference to a customer’s space, and with this in mind, it is in these products that proximity sensors can have the biggest impact. Our new Vapor mirrored cabinet, for example, includes a proximity sensor which activates the LED illumination and internal heated pads of the unit when it detects motion. These stay on for five minutes after the user moves away, meaning that if Vapor is activated beforehand, the mirrored doors will be steam-free by the time the resident jumps out of the shower. Designed with comtemporary elegance in mind, Vapor is a hybrid of luxury style and up-to-the-minute technology, ideal for aspirational homeowners. With consumers increasingly buying into proximity sensor technology for the home, products like our Vapor mirrored cabinets are likely to be a winner for those revamping their bathroom in 2018. Find out more about Vapor, here.