21st October 2020

Talking about texture

When we talk about bathroom designs we all tend to refer to how they look, whether they are stunning, minimalistic, bright or bold. But designing a bathroom goes beyond what we see with our eyes. In order to truly create a bathroom experience, all the senses need to be addressed, including touch.
Understanding how surfaces feel and considering how we interact with furniture are key focuses for HiB’s in-house designers, who continually examine how using different finishes can alter our experiences in the bathroom. Through HiB Novum, we have produced a wider selection of matt, gloss and natural textured finishes for our furniture ranges, offering customers an enhanced choice of styles to suit a variety of looks.
Key finishes such as Matt Anthracite, which is available in the Aeon and Vantage HiB Novum ranges, offer a modern, subtle style with a softer texture. Also popular are the natural wood finishes such as Sherwood Oak and Dark Oak, which create a touch of character and a boutique style finish. When considering what finish is right for your bathroom, it is important to explore all the options as each can produce a different sensation and aesthetic that alters the overall effect.
It is also vital to remember that as one of the most used areas of the bathroom, the vanity unit needs to be practical, so consider pairing it with a textured worktop that is both hardwearing and beautifully finished, such as HiB’s range of natural effect worktops, which offer premium quality and depth to the bathroom space. There is also basin texture to think about and choosing the materials such as ceramic or mineral marble can alter the overall look and feel of the complete unit.
By embracing a variety of textures and finishes, you can create a beautiful bathroom space that delivers on a number of different levels, with a tactile, practical and stunning result that you’ll love.
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