5th May 2020

The New Air Illuminated Mirror: An Ultra-slim, Symmetrical Design That Makes A Statement

We are proud to unveil the latest addition to our range of illuminated mirrors: the elegantly understated Air.

Its slender and bright LED border creates a sleek, subtle look that will complement many different types of bathroom designs. But the cleverest part is the way it’s been designed. All electrical components are contained neatly within a slimline frame, so there is no need to recess any elements within the supporting wall.

We pride ourselves on our products being at the forefront of technology and Air certainly doesn’t disappoint. Little luxuries such as wave activated lighting and a heated pad to banish condensation are included as standard, providing a truly a seamless user experience.

There are four different models in the range: Air 40, Air 50, Air 60 and Air 120 to suit bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. Air can be hung landscape or portrait and its impressive height or width, balanced by its delicate projection, will create the illusion of more space without overwhelming the rest of the décor.

Our mission is to make all the difference to bathrooms, and as part of that, we aspire to provide a design to suit every taste. Air is the perfect fit for people who want all the benefits of an illuminated mirror but with a clean, crisp design.