14th November 2019

The Perfect Match

To create a perfectly balanced interior look, it’s important that every element flows into a wider design scheme. This essentially means finding a common theme which can unify everything from your furniture to accessories.

There’s a few different ways of achieving a cohesive aesthetic, but a good place to start is shape. As any interior expert will tell you, it is the curves and edges which can really define the style of a product – angular items might be best suited to an industrial space, whereas rounded options may be a better pairing for an indulgent setting.

Our glamorous hanging mirror, Solstice, for example, has the soft curves associated with a luxury boutique setting. Using this as the centre of a design, it would match seamlessly with Pico, our rounded range of accessories, and Camber, our softly curved range of bathroom furniture.

Another way to bring a design together is through colour. A subtle way of achieving this is to include accents of the same tone throughout your space. Again using our Solstice mirror as a starting point, its black frame could be paired with the contemporary black accessories from our Atto range and the matt anthracite model of our industrial-look Aeon basin unit, for a co-ordinated final look.

Whatever your style, finding furniture and accessories which complement one another is key to achieving a polished bathroom interior.