20th April 2018

This is Why Bigger Can Actually be Better

Mirrors and mirrored cabinets are a design staple of every bathroom and should be seen as so much more than a last-minute afterthought. This is because they can truly make all the difference to a bathroom – they can expand walls to open up smaller spaces, reflect light into the darker corners of the room, and add a show-stopping point of interest, much like a stunning piece of art would do. But, because mirrors and mirrored cabinets are such an important part of the decor, it can often seem like a daunting task for homeowners to choose the right size. Whilst choosing a larger piece can feel a bit like a leap of faith, there are many ways in which big can be especially beautiful. Options of 120cm, for example, are ideal for reflecting the light around the room, enlarging the perceived space and making ceilings feel higher. Perfect for use in the bathroom, a wide-length mirror or mirrored cabinet adds instant ‘wow factor’ to a room. By opting for a bigger piece, homeowners can really make all the difference to their bathroom’s blank wall space by essentially transforming it into a magnificent accent wall. This is especially effective for smaller bathrooms, as householders will visually double the size of the room as well as making it feel both brighter and lighter. In line with current trends, a larger mirror or mirrored cabinet is also an ideal centrepiece for a ‘his-and-hers’ bathroom setup. This is popular with homeowners as it can ease morning traffic and make getting ready for work every day an “us time” affair. With larger items becoming increasingly popular and offering a number of benefits to homeowners, it’s worth taking note of burgeoning trends. Find out more about HiB’s 120cm selection of mirrors and mirrored cabinets, including: Eris, Essence, Paragon, Edge and Qubic.