26th November 2018

Three Reasons Why HiB Loves Vessel Basins

Earlier this year we added vessel basins to our washbasin selection. One of the biggest bathroom trends of recent years, vessel designs are not only a homeowner-favourite, but make life easier when it comes to installation, too. Below are three reasons why we love these sophisticated counter mounted basins.

  • They make a style statement

Unlike many traditional basins, vessel options sit on top of a counter, acting a a bold centrepiece for the bathroom. Here at HiB, we believe that your customer’s bathroom deserves a wow-factor, and a vessel basin, especially when paired with a sleek countertop and eye-catching bathroom furniture, can make all the difference to a décor.

  • They’re versatile

  As vessel basins are counter mounted, they offer an added level of versatility to the householder. The basin can be located almost anywhere along the counter. What’s more, whilst a bowl may come to mind when you picture a vessel basin, rectangular options are also available which create an equally striking effect.

  • Easy installation, easy replacement

For customers who want a fuss-free fit, recommend vessel basins. These designs are much easier to install than traditional sunken variations – as they are mounted on a counter, it is extremely simple to make plumbing connections. Equally, when the time comes for the basin to be replaced, the process is simplified again, so the homeowner can upgrade their bathroom with minimum hassle.