22nd January 2020

Tidy Up Your Toilet Brush

When planning your bathroom accessories, the toilet brush may not seem like the most exciting item on the list. However, it is an everyday essential, and with the right design, it can strike the perfect balance between discretion and subtle style.

Before making a decision, consider whether you’d prefer a wall or floor mounted option. Both have their benefits, and it’s worth thinking about what works best for your bathroom. For example, if you’re a little short on space, a wall mounted toilet brush will free up floor space and create the illusion of more room. Meanwhile, if you like to tweak the arrangement of your bathroom every so often, perhaps changing the layout of your accessories, floor mounted might be best for you.

From a hygiene perspective, ensure that any wallmounted option chosen includes a removable tumbler, and sturdy fixings, as with every wall-mounted product in our range of toilet brushes.

Once you’ve decided on floor or wall mounted, take a look at your design scheme, and think about what sort of shape and finish would fit best with this. Our range includes rounded toilet brush holders, such as our Pico model, or square, such as Hecto, and offers a choice between frosted glass and polished chrome. For those who like to be bold with their interior choices, our Atto range even offers a toilet brush and holder which includes matt black detailing.

In order to create your dream bathroom, every aspect has to be perfect – and that includes items which may not usually be seen as glamorous. By carefully selecting your toilet brush to fit your bathroom and match your other fixtures, you can ensure your space shines from top to bottom.