20th April 2018

Time for Recess! Why Selling Recessed Cabinets is Simpler Than You Think

The sleek, seamless look of a recessed cabinet offers style-savvy homeowners the perfect bathroom storage solution. From a practical perspective, it also allows further space above the basin, avoiding any potential bumps on the head which might result from large, non-recessed, options. More and more homeowners are investing in false walls to accommodate these flush finish units, and whilst some customers might be intimidated by the fitting process of a recessed cabinet, it’s actually a much simpler job than they might think. As a retailer, it can be hard to illustrate the stunning visual effect of a recessed cabinet, and how easy this is to achieve. With this in mind, we at HiB have developed a false wall pod which can easily be installed into showrooms to demonstrate a recessed unit in-situ. This can make all the difference to a customer’s decision-making journey, presenting them with a touchable example of how a recessed unit can transform a space. If your customers are still concerned by the installation of a recessed unit, be sure to use our fitting instructions as an example of just how simple fixture can be. For recessed cabinet recommendations which will give your customers a real ‘wow’, take a look at our Essence and Vanquish units.