18th August 2020

Transforming your bathroom experience into a spa sanctuary

Missing trips to the spa? You’re not alone. In 2018, 1.17 million customers purchased spa days across the UK* – that’s a lot of massages and sessions in the sauna.

As a result of the Coronavirus, many spas have had to temporarily close. This means loss of revenue for businesses, but it also leaves many without a peaceful retreat to get away from the everyday stresses of the world and the increased stress from recent global events.

But what if you could bring a piece of the spa home?

If you’re thinking of swapping the summer holiday for some much-needed home improvements this year, or you’re just looking to spruce up your personal space, designing your bathroom with the spa in mind could help with some of the wellness withdrawal symptoms.

Transforming your bathroom into a spa, can be easier than you think, with a few steps you could recreate some of that sought-after spa experience we all know and love, while also saving a few pennies in the long run.

Keep it calm

We all need to relax, take a moment to unwind and get some TLC. By choosing natural tones and finishes within your scheme can help to create that soothing atmosphere. Avoid using bold or bright colours and try stick to stone, browns, greens and greys to gently create that feeling of calm.

Similarly, soothing lighting such as HiB’s Summit pendants can add a touch of luxury and create a relaxing ambience to help you unwind after a long day. By picking warm hues rather than cool light and cleverly installing lighting in areas of interest in the bathroom, you can create an entirely different environment and mood.

Summit LED bathroom pendant lighting

Summit LED bathroom pendant lighting

Finding illuminated mirrors with built-in colour changing technology can also help to get that spa experience to the next level. Great for when you need a bit of pampering, following grooming routines or applying make-up, mirrors such as HiB’s Solas, that have a sophisticated elegance, with an adaptable light level, from warm to cool light, ideal for mood lighting and completing tasks.


HiB Solas Illuminated Mirror

Declutter your space and mind

It’s near impossible to relax in a room that is cluttered and messy. By investing in the right furniture, you can not only create a stunning space that is reminiscent of a spa, you can also make sure there is enough storage for all your personal items.

Designed with all the sleekness of a boutique hotel, HiB Novum’s Aeon is ideal for storing all your essentials without compromising on style. Aeon’s Sherwood Oak finish beautifully complements the open black shelving – perfect for storing cosy towels.

HiB Novum Aeon furniture


Finding handy spaces to store items is a necessity in order for a bathroom to be functional but it can also make a room feel more spacious and organised.

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

We all love the added drop of glamorous luxury that comes with visiting a spa. But it can be the finishing touches that make all the difference. Making sure that all your everyday items such as toothbrushes, soaps and lotions have a home is essential. By incorporating the finishes and styles of the accessories into the overall design of the room can really take the space to the next level.

Then there’s the personal touches, such as plants, pictures robes and candles. By bringing indoor plants into the bathroom, you can accentuate the natural essence of the space and lift your mood. Studies have shown that plants have a number of health benefits including decreasing fatigue and anxiety, so placing one or two about the area can work wonders for your wellbeing.

In a similar way candles are also great for not only setting the scene, but also creating a soothing atmosphere using different scents – great for transporting you away from the stresses of life.

Take the time for you

Having a space in the home which is relaxing, calm and safe is so important for many families. By taking the time to design a bathroom which works as a practical space but also can transform into a spa-like sanctuary, you can make sure that there is always a place where you can take some time for yourself, recharge and feel refreshed.


* https://professionalbeauty.co.uk/site/newsdetails/londoners-spend–18m-on-spa-deals