4th August 2021

Trend in focus: The New Nordic

A new approach to popular Scandinavian design, the New Nordic style offers a subtle but fresh aesthetic, ideal for creating bright and airy bathroom spaces.

Simplicity, clean lines and textures are what make this 2021 trend so popular with those looking to renovate their bathroom. By experimenting with a light colour palette and utilising mature pastel colours, soft whites, clean lines and geometric patterns, you can create a stunning, light feel.

Bathroom furniture such as HiB Novum’s Blend furniture easily complements this style, offering a range of finishes such as Matt White, Greystone and Sherwood Oak. By using a combination of these finishes, along with contemporary brassware and accessories, you can create a welcoming warmth and an engaging bathroom experience that elegantly ties in with the New Nordic look.


For more information about the Blend furniture, click here.