5th August 2019

All Under One Roof

These days it is much more common to see multiple generations living in the same home. In fact, 1.8 million...

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22nd July 2019

Glow Up

Thanks to our increasingly hectic lifestyles, we are putting more and more pressure on our homes to provide us with...

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8th July 2019

Keep It Simple

Did you know that the 12th July is National Simplicity Day? Imagine an entire day set aside to streamline the...

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Rhythm BluetoothTM ceiling Light
24th June 2019

Easy Ways To Integrate The Latest Bathroom Trends Into Your Space

Just like the rest of the home, trends for bathrooms are constantly evolving. According to The Telegraph, top picks for...

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Summit Pendant Lighting
7th May 2019

Set The Mood – Match The Lighting To The Look

Bathroom lighting is often an area that gets overlooked when planning a bathroom design. What many people don’t realise is...

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