14th November 2019

The Perfect Match

To create a perfectly balanced interior look, it’s important that every element flows into a wider design scheme. This essentially...

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30th October 2019

Solstice…HiB Is Setting The Trend

With the growing demand for boutique bathroom products showing no sign of slowing down, HiB’s latest mirror, Solstice, is perfect...

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4th October 2019

Multi-Tasking In The Bathroom

These days, we all greater expectations, and the bathroom is no exception. Much like our phones, which can act as...

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5th August 2019

All Under One Roof

These days it is much more common to see multiple generations living in the same home. In fact, 1.8 million...

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22nd July 2019

Glow Up

Thanks to our increasingly hectic lifestyles, we are putting more and more pressure on our homes to provide us with...

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