21st October 2020

Talking about texture

When we talk about bathroom designs we all tend to refer to how they look, whether they are stunning, minimalistic,...

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16th September 2020

Bringing the outside in – The rise in house plants

If you love keeping up with the latest home trends and have been trawling the Instagram profiles of interior designers...

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Summit Pendant Lighting
18th August 2020

Transforming your bathroom experience into a spa sanctuary

Missing trips to the spa? You’re not alone. In 2018, 1.17 million customers purchased spa days across the UK* –...

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14th July 2020

Where classical meets modern – the progressive approach to bathroom styling

Bathroom designers often draw inspiration from eras across history with a unique and individual style. Just like the distinct characteristics...

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18th June 2020

Globe Plus: The perfect mirror for technology lovers

Delivering the very latest tech experience, as well as a relaxed ambience within the comfort of the bathroom, lies behind...

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