14th July 2020

Where classical meets modern – the progressive approach to bathroom styling

Bathroom designers often draw inspiration from eras across history with a unique and individual style. Just like the distinct characteristics between different generations of period houses that line streets across the UK and beyond, home interiors and bathroom designs are clearly distinguishable between the ages. It’s those classic and instantly recognisable features that are used to create beautiful products that hark back to times gone by, but with a stunning, contemporary twist that brings it into the 21st century.

It is exactly that combination of styles, which HiB has used to develop the new Duplus illuminated mirror.

Duplus is a design-focused piece that combines hints of classic Georgian architecture with the sophistication of modern interior design – the perfect example of HiB’s innovative and progressive approach to bathroom styling.

Vertical pillars of LED light are artfully paired with softer, backlit horizontal lines to create a stunning effect, paying tribute to the period features of the era which are so well sought after today. This draws the eye upward, adding height and ambience to any room, creating a flawless bathroom centerpiece.

HiB’s in-house design team has also made sure the mirror is as functional as it is beautiful. Duplus features an in-built, two-pin charging socket to keep all of those everyday essentials powered up and ready to go while the homeowner relaxes and rejuvenates. It also comes with the latest technology, including a heated pad for effortless demisting and an intuitive sensor switch. The LED lighting can be changed to suit the homeowner’s mood, with a simple wave of the hand, from cool to warm white and anything in-between, helping to create the perfect illumination for applying make-up or shaving. Its timeless, geometric angles create a mirror that is equally at home in a classic or contemporary bathroom, providing the homeowner with a sanctuary to be proud of.

Ash Chilver, Sales Director at HiB, commented: “HiB’s range of mirrors draw inspiration from a range of sources, from classic styles to contemporary trends and we are constantly monitoring the market to stay ahead. We’re incredibly proud of what we have created in Duplus – the effortless balance of style and functionality, with a real ‘wow’ factor.

“In the 30 years we’ve been operating, it has been our mission to make bathrooms beautiful with mirrors and cabinets that act as showstopping centrepieces.”

Duplus is available in the following sizes: H90 x W50 x D7cm, H90 x W60 x D7cm and H60 x W80 x D7cm, click here to take a look at Duplus in more detail.